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Still Life "Memories"

As a photographer one of the most difficult images to create is a still life. It relies on the items in the shot, lighting and the composition of all these things together as a whole. I used some old family photos and a poem of mine to create this image for a personal CD I was putting together for my family...can you guess where I am in this image?

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Products, Stills
Products, Stills
Vera Wang and other perfumes
Von Schleinitzn Wine
Vanstar Commute Service
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Still Life
Nashville 2010 flood
Mrs. Grissom's Buffalo Cheese Dip
Sleepmade Pillows
Winning Rooster
Transpac Fall Decor
Amerilos Avacado Oil
Drinks and table settings
Blacksmith, Artist, Keith Herendon
Alan Jackson Chris Craft boat.
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Vanstar Commute Service
Joe Glaser
Fall Creek Falls State Park
Knestrick, Nashville, Tennessee
Wedge Oak Farm
Joe Glaser guitar repair.
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Yard sale jars
Mandolin Case
Mission Stone and Tile
Still life of artist paints.