Marc Smith vet in office

A vet worth visiting….Marc Smith

By Sheri Oneal

Over the holiday season my pup Deisel came down with mysterious chronic pain issues in his shoulder. After x-rays and several visits to my regular vet I was told that it had to be a pinched nerve and I would need to seek a vet who offered services that would help with that kind of pain. My friend Carol Smock of the “Brown Dog Foundation” referred me to Dr. Marc Smith of “Natchez Trace Veterinary Services”.  After several months of research and trial by error treatments Marc decided to take a chance and treat Deisel for a tick bite because we had ruled out everything else and I did not have him on Frontline. Within 2 weeks of taking his medication Deisel was almost as good as new. I am so grateful for Marc’s expertise and patience with my pets’ state of health.

During the treatment of my dog I had the chance to learn more about the different services Marc offers at Natchez Trace. I helped Marc showcase some of the alternative techniques by accompanying him with my camera and lights while he worked on a few of his pets. Many of these procedures were new to me and I enjoyed the opportunity to see first hand how they are done. I enjoyed watching through the viewfinder as he demonstrated  his chiropractic,  laser therapy and acupuncture techniques.

If you’re looking for a great vet and/or alternative treatments for your pet I highly recommend Marc and his staff. I love my dog so much and learned a valuable lesson….anti tick treatment is extremely important! Please be sure to keep your pets on a tic treatment of some kind (frontline), I was to blame for allowing time to pass without his monthly regimen and the result was three months of horrible pain for my pup! Today I am proud to say Deisel is his old playful cute self!

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