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Action Is Required For Change

Well…spring is here and I have this uncanny need to share. I have decided that I will limit my time doing unproductive things. I feel as if all my time being passive is slowing down my progress and I know that action is required for change. I don’t pay attention to the news very much anymore and just getting outside a few times a week makes me feel better as a human being! I have surrounded myself with positive-minded people who complain very little, are full of energy, and seem to be not only happier but more successful. It is rubbing off on me and that makes me feel better about myself which in turn makes me want to make others feel better through my process of sharing.

No matter what we allow ourselves to believe the fact remains that things are changing in business and in our world. There seem to be more tragedies’ happening or maybe we just have the ability to know more about them due to mobile media and the internet. We have to work harder for a dollar than we used to but we have an array of choices around us to potentially make our businesses grow wings. Due to this constant and aggressive change around us, we need to be persistent in learning new things and often that may feel uncomfortable.

The biggest lesson I have learned in business AND in life is that thinking is not doing…ACTION is a requirement for any kind of change. It is something I am working hard on because even with all of my marketing ideas in place I have realized that taking action is the most difficult thing to master.

I have embraced the internet because I see the potential it has to offer a business but it also helps me to feel connected. Being single in my 40s with no kids, self-employed, and working from my home I can sometimes feel very removed and lonely if I allow myself to stay in my bubble. With the new world of internet marketing and social interaction, I have found a new way of not only making business connections but also making new friends and realizing that in this new world taking ACTION is easier. So many of these things were not available to us in the pre-internet social era and it was much harder to reach large groups of people with similar interests. That being said I do believe you must interact in person to make those relationships feel real, for them to grow, and to take them to higher levels.

I am a creative person living in a business world and at times I realize I fall short with certain business functions. By choice, I do not allow myself to focus on the things that I lack in a negative way, instead, I choose to believe I can always be better at anything as long as I believe I can be. I have noticed as a creative person when I refer to things like business marketing or advertising I feel tense but when I refer to the same things as social networking or social marketing I feel a little more at ease. I love being social and it feels better to me when trying to build business relationships. 

I want to be friends with my clients, not just have them as clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean I want to hang out with them on a regular basis or talk about the personal details of my life. What it does mean is that I care about them as individuals and I am interested in not only the success of their business but also that their son graduated from high school or their daughter had a visit from the tooth fairy. These things help me feel connected and help to establish a relationship. Although making money is the primary function of a business, in my business the relationship is just as important as another dollar in my bank account.

As I leave you I realize this post doesn’t really have much depth other than my ranting in a personal fashion about what makes me feel good with my business in the new world of social activity. I love what I do, I have never felt I fit into the corporate mold yet no matter who I am working for I know I can carry myself in a professional manner. Taking action with my ideas is key to gaining new clients and building my business. Social media allows me to put myself out there hoping the relationships I build will come to be because I am a real person who cares. It is not just about my happiness I love making others happy too!

I wish you all the best and hope you all are enjoying the beauty of springtime!

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