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Brad Norris-Architect Pt. 2: “The G Project”…

By Sheri Oneal

Last week I introduced you all to Nashville Architect Brad Norris, this week I wanted to share with you a recent project we completed called “The G Project”. In November of last year we were able to shoot a home in Franklin owned by the G family that Brad’s was finishing up on. My schedule was crazy that month but we needed to get the shot before the leaves had fallen off of the trees. Fall and winter generally have the prettiest skies on a clear day because the cooler temperatures help produce rich saturated colors (depending on what time of day I am shooting). We needed the leaves on the trees but didn’t want to wait to shoot after winter so I somehow fit a day of shooting into my week and went to work.

As summer approaches this year we picked back up on the “G Project” that had been sitting untouched on a hard drive since November. Architecture is something I have started shooting over the past 3 years so I was eager to get started on the edit. I spent many hours in post retouching fallen leaves, layering multiple exposures, fixing perspective and details that are required in digital photography when shooting architecture. Although I am not one to enjoy long hours and days of retouch time on the computer I was eager to see what I could create from the images I had shot. It has become a part of photography so you learn to deal with that…a good cup (or many) of coffee helps!

My favorite images from the photo-shoot are posted below and I am proud of what we were able to capture at this incredible home!

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