Mahnke couple on couch

Erich, Carlie and Melissa again…

By Sheri Oneal

Over the years I often have clients who continue to come back to update their photos. As a photographer this is the most rewarding thing about being in business. These days I realize there are more photographers available than ever in the past and most are willing to do the job cheaper if it means they can get the job. I have spent almost half of my life trying to make a career out of creativity and personally I believe that can’t be defined by a price tag but by a unique vision. I still work very hard to learn new techniques, to see things in different ways and in turn to create a unique image that can stand the test of time. Most importantly I work hard to make my clients feel appreciated by offering them the ability to speak openly about what they do and don’t like which helps me to be sure they are satisfied with the final results. Truthfully, I want them to feel less like a client and more like a friend. I am truly grateful for all of my clients, I am passionate about what I do and can’t imagine doing anything other than being a visual storyteller.

Erich Mahnke, Carlie Mahnke, and Melissa Peirce have come back for photos for several years. I shoot family images and PR images of them each time so it has been fun watching Erich’s daughter grow into a young lady.

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