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Fabulous Women Over 40: Tara Bloom

By Sheri Oneal

Welcome to 2015 everyone and here’s to hoping you have a wonderful and productive year ahead! I am working on a new blog series this year featuring fabulous, inspiring women over 40. Here is Ms. January of the Fabulous Women Over 40: Tara Bloom!

When I first met Tara I was drawn to her passion to help others. As I got to know her, I found that her 20 (plus) years of marketing experience and involvement with the healthcare system was an instant connection with me because of my clients. This experience with various companies in healthcare over the years offered her deep insight to Hospice, Neurological Rehab and Sexual Assault. What truly inspired me about Tara was her decision to give up working for a steady paycheck in February of 2013 and doing something she’d never done before, starting her company “Like Family Homecare Services.”  Her decision came to be when she, her mother and her sister were faced with the last years of her father’s life in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Tara Bloom is making a difference in families who are dealing with loved ones needing professional care and assistance. Her story started when her dad was entering the last stages of his life and her family had the ability through caregivers to keep him safe, comfortable and happy in the comfort of his own home. Tara realized having experienced, trustworthy caregivers, that her father genuinely liked was extremely valuable through this experience. She came to the realization that many other families must be struggling with these same challenges as loved ones entered those difficult times in their lives. Her primary goal with her business is not only to help families find professional caregivers but to find people who have a real human connection with those they care for while working with their clients.

A portrait of Tara Bloom of Like Family Homecare Services sharing her story of offering caregiver services for the blog series Fabulous Women Over 40

“In the last month of my dad’s life, he told all three of his caregivers that he loved them. I found that to be beautiful and incredible,” Tara said. “I know that won’t happen with every caregiver-client relationship, but I like to try to put people together that form that kind of a bond.”

Tara’s company does extensive screening, reference checks and testing on each caregiver before the are chosen because she realizes how important it is to trust those who will be helping loved ones. If you would like to know more about Tara and what her business offers she can be reached by phone at (615) 891-4644.

It was great spending time with Tara as we shot these pictures the first week of January at her East Nashville home. Our conversation on that day was what influenced me to want to start this blog series showcasing “Fabulous Women Over 40!” If you know a woman over 40 who is fabulous and making a difference in her community or inspiring others, I am searching for 10 other ladies to finish out my year in the Nashville area. If chosen they will need to allow me to come to their location for a photo session in order to be included in this blog series. I look forward to hearing from you all about other fabulous women over 40!

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