With more than 25 years in the Commercial Photography industry, Sheri Oneal has the experience to help her clients create high-end imagery that engages with their target audience while maintaining brand loyalty. Whether you have a creative image concept of your own or need help developing one, Sheri has the experience to bring your visual identity to life.

Photography Services

All professional photography services include email, text, and phone communication, pre-prep, experienced coaching and communication, a clear understanding of the job details, technical photo knowledge, and lighting techniques, use of high end up to date professional gear, and software, online proofing, color correction, exposure control, professional retouching, direct email download or FTP delivery of final high res images, fast turnaround and digital invoice with multiple payment options and images are backed up safely.


How do you get an estimate, proposal, or basic price range for your photography project?

You have choices and the price of photography will vary no matter who you call. Be sure that you fully understand what you are getting for the price you are being offered! I have outlined the details below of what I will need from you and they will also help with what you should share when getting pricing from other photographers. 

Understanding How Pricing Is Determined

While some services are set as packages most of the time understanding your project, your goal, the final image count and your usage needs will allow a fair professional market price to be determined. Pricing varies based on shooting time, how many final retouched photographs are needed, and how you plan to use the images (PR/Marketing, Publishing, Advertising). With more than 25 years of experience, you are guaranteed the highest quality of professional service, imagery, and a stress-free environment. Sometimes there are ways to lower costs based on the details of the shoot and the client’s needs. 

Additional Team Services And Referrals 

Hair & Makeup Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Food Stylist, Set Design, Producer, Location Scout, Photo Assistant, Video crew, Casting Services, Art Direction

Possible Additional Expenses

Mileage, Travel Expenses, Crew Meals, Special Equipment Rental, Props, Backgrounds, Wardrobe  

Sales Tax

A +9.25% sales tax will be added to all invoices if the client resides in the state of Tennessee. Tax-exempt clients are required to provide a tax-exempt form in advance of final image delivery. 

Step 1: Ask For A Price Quote

Contact me by phone or email with your project requirements, here is a list of questions that will help you get started.

1. Outline your photography needs and provide a brief project overview.

2. Explain how many different photo setups or wardrobe changes you want and include a photo shot list.

3. Do you want to shoot in the studio or do you prefer to shoot on location? If on location, do you have a location in mind, or will you need help?

4. What is the estimated final number of retouched images that you want after the shoot? Sometimes this differs from the shot list because you may need multiple angles OR more than one image per shoot, location, or wardrobe change. Knowing the final count allows for an understanding of the time it will take in post-edit for retouching. It is ok if you are not sure, a flat price per image will be outlined in the proposal.

5. Do you have a budget you need to stay within? Knowing if the job can be done within your price range will save us both time should your budget be lower than the starting price of services rendered. Photography pricing can vary greatly based on experience, what is included, and the quality of services. I prefer honest transparency with every detail so there is never a misunderstanding with pricing.

6. How do you plan to use the images? Understanding the use of your images is an important factor in determining the final cost.

Stock Photography Pricing

Priced for use of an image already shot that is available from a previous shoot or is in the photographer’s image library. Pricing comparative to high-end, large-resolution industry stock pricing (such as Adobe Stock or Shutterstock) for the needed use by the client.

Assignment Photography Pricing

PR/Marketing, Publishing, and Advertising photography assignment pricing is based on the number of photo set-ups, the number of final retouched images, the time involved for the total job, and the image use needed. After the job details are understood by the photographer, a detailed proposal or estimate will be prepared. Once the details are agreed upon and signed off on in advance the planning stage begins.

Rather than charging a flat half-day or full-day rate like many photographers, Sheri’s pricing is customized by the job itself. Most often custom pricing is an advantage to the client because they are not paying a 4-hour or 8-hour flat rate for something that may fall somewhere in between. Base fees start at $400.00 and go up from there. Props, backdrops, styling, location scouting, and other expenses are billed separately.

Headshot Photography 

Whether you need a basic corporate PR headshot or prefer something a little more unique and creative, Sheri offers custom packages based on your individual needs. She provides standard or environmental headshot options, multiple backdrop choices in her studio, or a mobile studio set up at a location of your choice. PR Headshot package rates start at $250.00 and go up from there based on client needs, the final number of retouched images, the image use, and if shot on location or in the studio. Discounts on bulk packages are available starting at 5+ individual packages per visit/booking.

Image Use Pricing

Part of image pricing involves understanding how the final image(s) will be used and must be determined in advance of the photoshoot. Pricing is contingent on the kind of image use needed (advertising, marketing, publishing, packaging, personal). This can change later, but a fee may be associated based on the use.

Step 2: Let’s Discuss Your Project!

Once I know the parameters of your project we will schedule a free consultation by phone, email, or video chat to discuss the details you provided to ensure there is a clear understanding of your goals, what is involved, and any budget concerns. At this time we will review the information you provided and address any additional cost that may arise outside of the photography services. Will you need props, special backdrops, scenery, unique locations, wardrobe, styling, makeup, or crew services? These are generally added as expenses or subcontractor services and are listed as an additional cost on an estimate, below is a list of possibilities. 

Step 3: Estimate Approval

A contractual email, of the estimate or proposal, must be reviewed and agreed upon to ensure both parties understand the full scale of project expectations. Once everything is approved, the agreement must be signed by the client. A simple email overview may be provided if this is a small job or one based on a set package price. Sometimes a deposit is required in advance depending on the job details and client location.

Step 4: Schedule The Photoshoot

Once everything is approved a date for the project will be scheduled and locked in on the calendar. Some details may include backup dates pending weather delays. Once a date is assigned for the shoot the pre-production for the assignment begins.

Preparing For Your Shoot

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before the photoshoot. If you have any ideas or want to address specific things during your shoot be sure to bring along examples or notes to share. It will be easier to convey your ideas if you are prepared before the shoot begins!

Products & Props

If you are providing a product and/or props be sure to have a checklist and pack the night before your shoot so that you are prepared. Photography pricing is based on predetermined time and if the shoot takes longer because of an unprepared client the fees may need to be altered.


If you are having a headshot or another kind of photo that requires you to prepare your wardrobe please iron your clothes and check for stains or pet hair in advance. I do have a steamer, iron, and roller in the studio (must request in advance for location shoot) to address these issues but time is always a factor when shooting. Being prepared will ensure that pricing is not affected. Most business and lifestyle clothing should be subtle colors and form-fitting. It is best to bring multiple options and stay away from busy and bold patterns. Solid black and white colors are also generally discouraged if being used in print because often details are lost and appear less interesting than mid-tone colors.

The Day Of Your Shoot

Upon arrival, we will scout the location and/or decide on the best background, wardrobe, and/or props to include as well as go over the details for the shoot needed in advance. Then the technical lighting setup will take place as well as any makeup, wardrobe, set design, propping, or styling that must be done before shooting. Once we have everything laid out we will begin the photoshoot. With years of experience, you can be assured that the process will be fast, efficient, and professional. A large variety of images will be taken that include various angles, lighting changes, and other tweaks to offer a large number of final image options. Professional coaching will help walk you through the process and you will have the opportunity to see the direction of the photos as we progress, allowing you to make changes along the way to confirm we are meeting your project goals. This process will guarantee that you are satisfied with the final image results.

After Your Shoot

Generally, you will receive your image proofs a few days after the shoot to choose your final images. Once I receive your final image picks depending on the number of photos retouching is down within 2-3 business days. If needed sooner a rush fee may apply.

Image Proofing

Unretouched images are lightly edited and prepared in a private online gallery usually within 24 hours and a custom link is emailed for the client to choose which images are to be retouched and prepared for final download based on the project estimate.

Edit & Image Prep

Images are shot in Raw format to ensure the client receives the highest-quality professional imagery files. All final image choices are creatively retouched, corrected for proper exposure, custom color, white balance, contrast, and prepped at the photographer’s discretion. Only high-res retouched images are provided to the client in JPG or Tiff format (unless otherwise requested). Raw files are not provided to the client. 

Image Delivery

All final retouched images are sent via WeTransfer.com as high res jpegs or tiffs with adobe RGB colorspace (unless otherwise requested). Clients will receive an email directly from wetransfer.com with a download link to the high-res retouched digital files. SOP can also upload to a shared dropbox or a private FTP site.

Image Backup

All digital files are saved and backed up on multiple hard drives on-site as well as off-site for any future needs. 


Once the job is complete an invoice is provided and payment is due upon receiving digitally delivered images. Image use and Copyright are granted only upon full payment. A W-9 will be provided upon request from client accounting.

Payment Options

ACH direct deposit, Cash, and Check Payment are free. Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal may require additional fees. Mastercard or Visa require a 4% credit card processing fee.