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How I Gain Trust With Clients

By Sheri Oneal

As any business owner knows, the importance of trust in business is the key to success, gaining trust with clients is often uniquely different depending on the kind of business involved. As a commercial photographer, I have learned, through my work, how to shoot images in a way that reveals something unique about the individual or the product. Trust is the first thing I work towards achieving in order to ensure that my client will be happy with the end result. I believe trust is the key element for success and how I am able to create my style within my work. When photographing people, their personality is captured, and a story told through their eyes only happens with trust.

I begin every assignment I photograph by trying to find the truth behind each person I work with, by getting to know them and making them feel comfortable with me. Understanding my clients, making them feel valued, and communicating truthfully generates a bond. This is vital for gaining truth and trust in every relationship. It is the difference between what is good imagery, and great imagery and what makes an image timeless. In my practice of creating trust, I have come to realize that every person or product has a story, and there is an immense beauty that comes from the ability to share.

I work hard with my client to understand their needs, to offer my creative input, and to work as a team. Generating conversation and asking what they like along the way helped me to understand how we can combine their needs with my abilities cohesively. My goal is always to generate something unique to them specifically. We are all different, we have different ideas and we comprehend differently. I must focus on keeping an open mind and prompting through questioning things that connect with my client. By being open to their answers and understanding their vision, I can merge our ideas together in a professional manner. Working with ideas in this manner earns a client’s trust and it is the underlying truth of how creativity works.

I never allow judgment to enter into my thoughts when I am gaining trust and building my creative ideas. Judgment can stifle creativity and any hint of judgment can remove even the smallest efforts for trust in a relationship. The most precious gift my parents gave me was to never judge others because of our differences because it is those differences that make each of us unique. I believe that isn’t only true personally but it also carries over into the workplace. Earning my client’s trust without any type of judgment regarding their vision as a photographer is the basis of how I strive to make my clients happy.

I am a creator and a visual storyteller, it is all that I know how to do and it is what I love most. I have become a professional in my industry because of how I gain trust with my clients.

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