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Will a new iPhone inspire other things in my career?

By Sheri Oneal

I have to say I have never been one to get excited about new technology even if I do feel at times I have my geeky moments. Being a photographer originated for me because I loved the process of being surprised, of spending time in the dark room and the feeling of mastering the craft.  Then along came digital technology.

I fought the computer revolution back in the day, rather than go out right away and buying one I waited as I do with most all new trends until I had no choice. Digital photography was no different and it came with a very expensive price tag. It wasn’t about just buying a camera body it was about completely changing my technique of shooting and that became a huge struggle for me at first. As with any change the un-comfort passes with time, you accept the consequences and you find a way to be happy.

Several years ago the man I was dating at the time decided I should have an iPhone because he felt it would help streamline my business. That Christmas I received a newly introduced 2nd generation iPhone and things have never been the same since!  I have over time become very attached to my iPhone.  Although I still have not grasped the texting as others have I love having access to my email and a camera at all times. It is interesting to observe this new lifestyle we all have created that revolves around mobile media. Our phones have become an extension of who we are from the applications we purchase to the cases we choose.

There are many photographers who have become spokespeople for the iPhone, Chase Jarvis being the biggest. I have found myself for the first time excited about buying the new Apple iPhone that is supposed to be released sometime this summer. My primary reason (as goofy as this sounds) is for the camera.  The 2nd generation falls short in that department and I get really frustrated at times with the flat, soft images it takes. Last weekend I compared side by side the photo quality from my 2nd generation phone with a 3rd generation phone and the results were amazing. Although the quality will never be as that of my primary gear the accessibility to snap a shot of decent quality when I see something photo worthy is what matters.

Where I stand professionally at this moment is in a wind of change. Not only with my iPhone interest but with my life as a professional photographer. Things are different in that world and I realize I must choose to be different as well. I am changing my vision and my marketing area for the kind of work I want to do to continue being a commercial photographer in this day and age. I won’t lie it is scary and I have no idea what this new market is about, it is as if I have once again entered the education system for a new career direction.

I have heard it said that as photographers we must reinvent ourselves every 5-7 years. My last reinvent was going digital, now it is changing my marketing focus to coincide with how technology  has changed the industry. Although I believe the economy has some consequence to this shift I believe as a photographer it has more to do with the technology.

With this change I will continue to snap away with my iPhone and when I purchase the new phone I will have the option to shoot video. Perhaps these fun toys of creativity will inspire other things in my professional career I have not thought of before. Whatever the case, stay tuned, I will be sharing with you all and I am sure it will be an interesting ride. These new tools have opened me up as a storyteller and I am excited!


Below and the photos above were taken with my 2nd generation iPhone, tweaked only a little in photoshop mostly to bump up the contrast and color saturation.

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