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Keeping Clients Happy

By Sheri Oneal

In my business, I work hard to keep my clients coming back and their happiness is my number one priority! I want them comfortable during the process and I want them happy with the outcome. A happy client tells his friends and associates about your work and you begin to build relationships which is key to a prosperous business. I make it a priority to be sure my clients like the images we are getting while working so that in the end they will have no reason to be unhappy with the final result.

My track record is around 98% when it comes to “happy” but every once in a while there is that one shoot where the client may not be as satisfied as I had hoped. When that happens it affects me deeply on both a professional and a personal level.  My work is a reflection of me as an individual and as a business owner so if the client is unhappy I do whatever I can within my power to fix the issue. It feels great when you get praise for a good job but you always remember the unhappy client no matter what the situation.

Joe West of Gasoline Productions Inc. is the ideal happy client and a great example of one that I want to keep.  West is a producer and writer with multiple cuts for artists like Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Wayne, Julianne Hough, Emily West, and Danielle Peck (among others). After sending his artist Sarah Marince to me for a shoot in 2008 he felt confident enough with my work to send Joe Zelek my way earlier this month. Zelek and I talked over the phone about what he wanted and negotiated a price that fit his budget and his needs on an upcoming music project he is working on with West.

Zelek spent his time between Ohio and Tennessee working on music and wanted something fresh and different shot outside with a lens flare effect. West has a great piece of land out in Franklin, TN where we met to do the shoot one sunny March afternoon. What I didn’t expect was the incredible shooting opportunity I had in the old house located on the property that is planned to be torn down soon and Zelek was open to all the additional ideas I had regarding backdrops throughout the house. Zelek, West, and I had a great time shooting that afternoon and I became a new fan of Joe Zelek’s music!

As I leave you I have to admit that loving what I do makes me often feel like I am cheating when referring to this career as a business. I do know, however, that it is a business and as long as I keep the client happy, knowing their needs come first, I believe I will continue to do what I love. If you need a photographer I can 98% guarantee you will be happy with both the experience and with the outcome so let me make you a “happy” client! Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s do business!

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