Holland House Restaurant bartender with blody mary drink in mason jar

Nashville Loves Food: Holland House Bar and Refuge

By Sheri Oneal

Last year I was introduced to executive chef Kristin Beringson, of the Holland House Bar and Refuge for part of our “Nashville Loves Food” project with Lithographics, Inc., Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith. She introduced me to the kitchen, the staff and created one of her fabulous menu items for us to photograph. I was pleasantly surprised by the show bartender Graham “Guice” Fuze gave me with his mixology while making this Jack Daniels speciality drink (above)!

Chef Beringson, Holland House Bar and Refuge

Appitizer, Holland House Bar and Refuge

Meat from a local farm is prepared by Sous Chef Ben Hauk.

Sous Chef Ben Hauk prepares food at Holland House Bar and Refuge

Appitiser, Holland House Bar and Refuge

The Holland House (HHB&R) is located in East Nashville and offers seasonal dining in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. They utilizing fresh culinary artistry combining new and traditional flavors characterized by a French and Mediterranean palate. They have been featured in Food & Wine Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. I have yet to eat there but I have friends on the East side who love going. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend ahead and they have a patio…  it may be time for a visit!

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