Porter Road Butcher owners in meat cooler

Nashville Loves Food: Porter Road Butcher

By Sheri Oneal

If you are a vegetarian you might want to stop reading now and cover your eyes but I have to say I am excited that us folks on the West side of Nashville now have our very own Porter Road Butcher shop! While working on the Nashville Loves Food project I was introduced to PRB’s owners, Chris Carter and James Peisker while shooting for the Lithographics, Inc. marketing piece “Nashville Loves Food” with Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith.

Over the past few years in my quest to be healthier I have found that I enjoy fresh quality grass fed meat best (there is a huge difference in flavor). As an independent small business owner I also see the importance of buying from other small local businesses. PRB offers hand cut pork, beef, lamb and chicken meat (among other speciality items), their meat is by far the tastiest and healthiest in Nashville!

GM Tim George Porter Road Butcher

Dorian Richardson of Porter Road Butcher

Porter Road Butcher’s original location opened in 2011 on the East side of town on Gallatin Road. We did our photoshoot at this location in June of last year and at the time they had not announced the new location that was to open in my neighborhood on the West side of town last August. Along with their hand cut artisan meats the west side offers some great but limited sandwich and breakfast items and has a drive thru! If you are looking for quality meat that is  locally sourced, pasture raised with no antibiotics or hormones PRB is the place to shop!

Sausage at Porter Road Butcher

Owners James Peisker and Chris Carter of Porter Road Butcher

The Bloomy Rind is also located inside PRB, cheesemonger Kathleen Cotter sells American artisan cheese she finds from cheesemakers who pasture raise their animals. She makes sure they don’t use antibiotics to produce their products and chooses only the rich and tastiest cheeses. She picks cheese produced from around the country, 8-12 varieties at the West location and 40-50 variations cut-to-order at the East location.

Bloomy Rind owner Kathleen Cotter

Bloomy Rind Cheese

Cheesemonger Kathleen Cotter-the bloomy rind

If you’re looking to prepare some great food in the kitchen or for a cookout, get over to Porter Road Butcher and The Bloomy Rind now to kick your weekend off to a great start! Have a great weekend!!!!

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