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I wanted to check in and share some news, projects, and photos from a recent shoot I did with a local Nashville hobby baker. I have not offered much about my photo career over the past year and a half but it isn’t because I haven’t been busy! While photography assignments have been cut more than 60% due to COVID I decided to use all of my available time in search of new avenues for my creativity. Assignment photography has been a real struggle due to COVID but rather than wait for business to resume to some kind of normal I began exploring ways I could extend my talent virtually. 

I soon started creating content for my new side project called Learn and Create and launched the website in March of this year. It will eventually be a place that offers online photo, art, and business courses as well as downloadable resources. Its inception has led to a year and a half of learning new skills like how to create video, audio, and keynote presentations as well as other challenging content creation methods. While I still have a long way to go it has been a wonderful journey of self-expression and discovery. 

The new Learn and Create platform to inspire artists and other creatives.

I shared the news about my writing contribution with a local online publication called Launch Engine last year when everything as we knew it came to a standstill. That experience prepared me for the new artist interview blog, vlog, and podcast series I started called The Creative Push, also part of the Learn and Create platform. My desire is to inspire other creatives by sharing intimate stories about other artistic creators and their journeys to success. 

The Creative Push Podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platform.
The Creative Push artist interview blog, part of the Learn and Create platform.
The new YouTube channel with vlog interviews and other informative video content.

I want to invite you to check out my podcast, blog posts, and vlog interviews from the past several months and I would love to hear your thoughts on those stories.

Recently I had a chance to interview hobby baker Karri Suh after discovering her through a post on Nextdoorlooking for cake tasters in my neighborhood. After picking up my free slice of peach basil buttercream cake I invited her to an interview for The Creative Push podcast.I shot some photos of her in her kitchen putting the finishing touches on two beautiful cakes and we spent time talking about her hobby as a baker for the podcast.

Icing bags of Italian buttercream with cake decorating utensils
icing bag of Italian buttercream icing decorating a German chocolate cake
Skimming the sides of her German chocolate cake with Italian buttercream icing
Baker decorates the top of a German chocolate cake with Italian buttercream icing.
Sprinkles toasted coconut on German chocolate with Italian buttercream icing cake.
Hobby baker places a garnish of basil leaves on the top of a peach basil cake
peach basil buttercream cake with a garnish of basil leaves
A German chocolate cake and a peach basil cake with Italian buttercream from Karri’s own recipes.


In my artist interview podcast with Karri, she shares her creativity and offers advice to other hobby bakers. You can find more about Karri on Instagram. You can also read Karri’s story on The Creative Push blog and stay tuned for some new projects I am working on with other creatives coming soon.

You can find more about Karri on Instagram.

Looking ahead I will soon be sharing online courses, books, and fine art custom printed work. I am excited to see where all of these new things take me creatively in the future. I would love to hear from you and get your feedback. Did you find any of the information shared here inspiring? Is there someone you know who might be a great fit for The Creative Push artist interview series? Please let me know, I am always looking for new story ideas!

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