Buddy Jackson on Bed
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Photoshoot With Artist Buddy Jackson

Last month I photographed one of Nashville’s most notable and respected designers, Buddy Jackson. He has been an industry professional for more than 25 years, winning two Grammy’s for his work. I was thrilled that he allowed me to feature him for my podcast. I went to his Nashville home for the shoot and interviewed him for The Creative Push. Buddy shared his art, career path, and the details of his transition from commercial design into a working artist doing figurative sculpture, painting, and photography. Known for decades in Nashville as a creative in the music industry doing package and album design, Buddy was so much fun to spend time with as a fellow artist.

Since launching the podcast and story on Buddy, I have had several people ask about the images I took that day so I wanted to share some of my favorites. As a photographer, there are always images that are never seen by the public because they are not necessarily in line with the story or assignment content. Many times my favorite images are actually what the public never gets to see with commercial assignments. For that reason, I am sharing several from my day with the Nashville artist Buddy Jackson in this post.

Buddy Jackson in his kitchen
Buddy Jackson Playing Banjo he made
Buddy Jackson in his hall way near the bathroom
Buddy Jackson portrait
Buddy Jackson in a chair with his dog
Buddy Jackson art studio
Buddy Jackson sitting in a room
Buddy Jacksons sample photos
Buddy Jackson with a Banjo he made
Buddy Jackson on his bed

If you would like to see more of Buddy’s work you can visit his website or his Instagram page.

You can listen to the Buddys podcast artist interview below and read more here.

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