Healthcare & Wellness Photography

Pharmaceutical Drug Bins Next To Shelves Of RX Drugs Assistant Professor Of Medicine Sapna P Kripalani MD A Doctor With A Patient Reviewing An EKG Chart Pharmaceutical Drugs At A Drug Distribution Center A Nurse Measures The Height Of A Boy At A Children’s Clinic Medical Director of REN Dermatology Jennifer Lee Family Medicine Doctor Christopher Holloway Co-Founder of PET TAO Pet Products and Vet Marc Smith Darvis AI Recognition Software Machine An RX Automated Machine Fills A Pill Bottle Prescription A Doctor With Her Patient Reviewing Medical Charts A Hospital Patient In A Room With A Visitor A Patient Looking At Lab Results From His Patient Physical A Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network Nurse In Her Office A Lab And Supply Room At A Vanderbilt Children’s Clinic A Patient At A Medical Facility Getting A Mammogram A Vanderbilt Pharmacist’s Hand Holding A Pill Bottle Ophthalmologist Rand Paul Working With A Patient VP Of HCA OSG And Cardiologist Dr. Steven Manoukian M.D. An Automated RX Machine Dropping A Pill Bottle Into A Bin Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse Aaron Gignilliat Advertising Photography For Amplion Clinical Communications Pediatrician Dr. Paul Heil With A Young Patient Two Doctors At A Concierge Medicine Healthcare Facility Internal Medicine And Cardiologist Dr. Nancy R. Cho M.D CEO Of Meharry Medical College Dr. James Hildreth Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Kelley Smith Veterinarian Marc Smith Administering A Dog Laser Treatment Vanderbilt’s Children’s Clinic Of Nashville Internal and Family Medicine Specialist Dr. Kim Shannon St. Thomas Heart Cardiologist Andrew Zurick At The Hospital Amplion Clinical Communications Product Marketing Ophthalmologist And Senator Rand Paul Of Kentucky M.D. Medical Director Dr. Parker Panovec Blue Bins Stacked Awaiting Automated RX Dispense Orders Pharmaceutical Drug Bins At An Automated RX Center A Doctor Reviewing An EKG Chart From A Patient Physical An RX Automated Limited Distribution Facility Internal Medicine and Pediatric Doctor Matthew Miller