An Audience At A Live Music Concert

Music Entertainment Photography
Ashley Campbell standing in front of window with green curtains and couch wearing red holding banjo
Nashville songwriter Melissa Mahnke in a pink furry coat for PR and marketing
audience in front of stage with hands in the air at live music concert with streams of stage lights
Artist Buddy Jackson sitting in a room with blue walls next to window holding his banjo
Michael Ray with his band playing live on stage with red, yellow, white, and green stage lights
Bright lights on stage with band at soundcheck from behind the stadium sound booth
An American flag on a large screen in an indoor stadium at a rehearsal sound check
Ashley Campbell sitting in brown leather chair playing guitar wearing cowboy hat and yellow shirt
Amy Venezia photographed outdoors with green trees behind her
Kamaal Malak in studio laying down bass tracks with white Earnie Ball Music Man Reflex bass guitar
Two musicians waiting backstage to go live with their band at live with guitars lined up in cases
Nashville Songwriter Travis Meadows with black hat white striped button up brown t-shirt near brick building
Erich Mahnke in brown shirt sitting and holding guitar in a studio against a green wall
guitarist in shorts white shirt black hat with tattoos on stage playing guitar for soundcheck
cancer amputee Travis Meadows with his guitar sitting on a green retro couch
Lauren Lizabeth on a stage in front of lights wearing a red dress
George Gruhn in green plaid shirt in guitar shop testing a repaired guitar with other guitars around
Percussionist Pino Squillace in blue tank top leaning on conga drum in studio
Behind the scenes sound crew with mic on boom arm while filming documentary outside at night
Misty Armour in a brown shirt and striped jacket leaning on a brick wall near a window
Greg Voros in black ball cap and blue shirt works on electric L-5 CES Gibson guitar at Gruhn Guitars
Backstage gear cases opened and set up with twelve guitars and a case for the guitar tech to work
Tim Nichols standing at bottom of his staircase leaning on the railing in a dark shirt
Tracy Lawrence in blue shirt and white hat in room with white lights
Joe Zelek in striped white shirt and black vest in home with floral wallpaper holding guitar
Lee Brice playing an acoustic set live on stage with blue and white stage lights
Musician Kamaal Malak playing a keyboard in his living room by a window
Jeremy Lister at Nashville laundromat in front of yellow dryer wearing a colorful plaid shirt
Beau Braswell sitting on Harley Davidson motorcycle on highway in the country wearing a jean jacket
headshot of singer Ashlee Page sitting in a hallway
Mallory Hope in a light-colored shirt leaning against a painted brick wall
Kate with tattooed arms wearing purple dress with Steven in vintage suit and hat playing guitars
Gwen Sebastian in a black tank top holding a microphone in an old house with yellow curtains & floral rug
Elizabeth Papalia in white shirt sitting at steering wheel behind windshield of old classic car
Troy Olsen wearing a black cowboy hat and black coat holding guitar in large empty room with windows
Carlie Mahnke lying in grass holding sparkly ukulele wearing an orange white and red floral dress
musician Aaron Shea leaning on his piano
Songwriter Jim Collins in black shirt and jeans sitting in a chair playing Gibson guitar in his home
Solo artist Adriana Freeman wearing a black dress on a gravel road holding her guitar
Tim Nichols at home in suit and tie standing in front of window in bedroom
Country music singer Tracy Lawrence in green shirt and black cowboy hat sitting in wooden chair
Country music artist Troy Olsen in black cowboy hat sitting at old piano playing guitar
Jazz singer Heather Venesile outside wearing a black formal dress and leaning on an old car
The three-man band members of One Flew South standing outside of brick building
Brad and Jennifer Kennard sitting on bed her wearing white hat playing guitar him reading
Nashville Singer Songwriter Melissa Peirce in dress sitting in hallway with blue window light
Singer, and songwriter Jay O'Shea in a plaid shirt with cut-off sleeves
SIan Rhett in a black, and white shirt with his guitar in a dark room with white bricks
John Jonethis wearing a black leather jacket and sitting at a baby grand piano
songwriter Melissa Peirce with her guitar against a brick wall
Travis Meadows in a beanie smoking a cigarette sitting near a brick wall
A drum kit set up on a stage with an iPad for sound check
Solo artist Joe Zelek in old house with torn floral wallpaper wearing a shirt and vest
Lee Brice playing live onstage under green purple and white lights with his band
Several Shure audio monitors in a charging dock near a live concert sound monitor at a show