An Ecuadorian Man Sitting On A Bar In Canoa Ecuador

Travel & Culture Photography
back rack on a red bike covered in bloody newspapers used to carry raw meat to an open air market
A man in the back of delivery truck full of limes another in green shirt standing out back at market
The Golden Gate Bridge from the Observatory Deck area off of Conzelman Road in Mill Valley
brown and white stray dog standing on a dirt road in front of a bus stop lined with green palm trees
a shoe repairman smiling at wooden red zapateria stand with cans of shoe polish on the street
Two Ecuadorean men sitting in a booth on street selling plantains and limes in Bahia de Caraquez
bird flying in blue sky foreground of landscape photo of the Red Rocks of Sedona
Bright signs of nightclubs lit up at night on old brick buildings along the Printers Alley district
boys and men standing around fishing boat on the beach waiting to go out at sunset and fish in Canoa
Ecuadorean man in shorts no shirt smiling flexing muscles in market in Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador
white surfer bus in parking lot near Red Rock Crossing near Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona
A woman at dessert stand with candies and homemade sweets in red shirt in Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador
round painted ceiling chandeliers tables and chairs of grand reading room downtown library Nashville
painting of Jesus holding image of Mary with other apostle paintings on the mantel of church in Rome
A blue bowl of pan-fried plantains cooked in large skillet at Sendero Los Caimanes in Ecuador
Elliston Place Soda Shop restaurant dining room with red barstools, chairs and soda bar in Nashville
Two fishermen pulling in fishing nets on blue boat on the Chone River in Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador
downtown Nashville honky tonk bars at night lit up with neons along Broadway
red flowers overlooking the Tuscan courtyard of Castello-di-Amorosa winery in Napa Valley California
antique metal lion door knocker on old weathered paint peeling blue-green wooden in Venice Italy
Beringer Vineyards winery exterior building in napa valley california
A rooster struts by a backyard shack near a clothesline behind a home in Caraquez, Ecuador
A man sitting on bar with stools painted in bright blue, green, red, orange yellow in Canoa Ecuador
A pan of carita moonfish at an open air market in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.
A male musician in tux playing stand-up bass in St. Peters Square in Rome Italy at dusk
men smiling sitting outside a store with yellow walls a bike and red car parked in San Vicente
man standing on street corner wearing jeans a blue shirt and Panama hat holding colorful bag Ecuador
woman cooking on grill plantains, fish roe, and freshly caught fish in Sendero los Caimanes Ecuador
ceviche vendor cart attached to bike with freshly caught clams, oysters, shrimp, and other fixings on beach Manabi Ecuador
Three men in shorts with red work truck one with head wrapped in shirt on Canoa beach in Ecuador
large pink white and black pig standing in fenced pen next to drinking troth in Bahia de Caraquez
fisherman casting net from boat in the Rio Chone River in Bahía de Caráquez Ecuador
shoe shine vendor in red shirt shining man's shoes on street near Parque Seminario Park in Guayaquil
Ecuadorian man in white ball cap, green shirt, brown pants, and flip-flops on bar with pink paint
Two men sitting outside of a local market on a bench, one holding a metal frame in Bahia de Caraquez
Two ecuadorean men, one in an orange shirt standing in front of home with bright teal and purple walls
man sitting next to seamstress wife as she sews with doors open to streets in Canoa Ecuador
Young kids in school uniforms in class with boy holding his mouth at Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ecuador
A fisherman holding a large fish another holding fishing line in boat in bay of Bahia de Caraquez
father his child and dog walking in the surf along beach at sunset in Puerto Lopez Ecuador
Small boats alog rocky shore at sunset at the Gad Municipal de San Vicente Ecuador
Downtown Nashville cityscape from across the Cumberland River with the pedestrian bridge
metal pan of freshly caught raw white shrimp in water on bright blue stand at food market in Ecuador
man wearing brown checkered shorts with bright yellow crocks standing on gravel in Bahia de Caraquez
Freshly caught and pan fried fish cooked in a large black skillet outside in an open fire pit
man holding child while lying in hammock hanging on front yellow and red porch in Bahia de Caraquez
The circular plaza at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park with Capitol building in distance
A father and son in fishing boat at dawn on Chone River in Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador
A cityscape at night of The Point at Santa Ana Port in Guayaquil Ecuador
street chalk artist in white shirt on knees drawing the Mona Lisa on sidewalk with chalk in Florence
vegetable cart with artichokes berries greens and zucchinis on cobblestone street in Venice Italy
the Chateau Montelena winery stone castle with white purple, and red flowers in Napa Valley
A shrine on the side of a home with an image of Jesus on a cross protected behind bars in Rome Italy
A large palm tree surrounded by birds with clouds and sky in the background from a low angle
green plants and purple flowers hang from outside patios along a canal in Venice Italy
small store with variety of handmade and painted Venetian masks in Venice Italy
A wall of lovers names and padlocks on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence Italy
a Benvenuto Cellini statue sits on the Ponte Vecchio bridge along the Arno River in Florence, Italy
converted iconic yellow and white VW bus walk-up weenie stand called I Dream Of Weenie in Nashville
two Ecuadorean men with arms around each other standing in front of blue and purple building smiling
red mailbox "Poste" with stickers on brick wall in Bologna, Italy
wooden boat with yellow trim tied to a brick building with red flowers in canal Venice Italy
woman standing bright green front porch smiles showing her recent needlework of flowers
Leaning Tower of Pisa with the cherub angels statue
A scenic boat tour passes by Castel Sant'Angelo on Tiber River in Rome Italy near bridge of angels
The Ponte Vecchio bridge crossing over the Arno River with 2 man kayak in distance Florence Italy
Two men one in Panama hat at a market stand selling freshly made peanut butter in Bahia de Caraquez
The Pantheon Catholic church in Rome Italy
Nashville Korean War Veterans Bridge at sunrise with lights on and colorful reflections in the river
photo of the front of St. Peter's Basilica
woman in her small open-air market sewing red fabric with an antique black sewing machine
outdoor restaurant in Venice Italy on canal with planters of red flowers and pink tablecloths
A young Italian policeman dressed in uniform holding his belt standing on a brick street in Florence
father with his 3 sons in yellow shirts riding on red motorcycle along dirt road near Canoa beach
Several freshly made empanadas grilled on outdoor black barrel grill on the Canoa beach in Ecuador
man in red and white striped shirt with his head wrapped fishing by hand in blue boat on Chone River
Panino, tramezzino, ciabatta, rosetta, and baguette sandwiches, and Italian pizzas in Venice Italy
select meats and other foods at a market in Venice Italy
Fish and crabs arranged with tomatoes, lemons, and other items on display at small Italian market
man in hat and t-shirt holding bright green pan of moonfish at open air market in Bahia de Caraquez
sandy beach shoreline with blue water green palms and white fishing boat in Playa del Carmen Mexico
young girl in blue shirt working at open air family market painted bright red in Bahia de Caraquez
large marble statue of two nude men fighting one holding a club standing above the other in Rome
two Venetian gondolas tied outside stone buildings of different terracotta hues along a canal