A Variety Of Italian Sandwiches And Pizzas In Venice Italy

Product, Still Life & Food Photography
A collection of red, black, and grey tiles on a white surface.
A hotel dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
A vending machine with a lot of different items on it.
A person holding a RX protein bar at a snack display of a store.
An artist's hands adds a loop to a green glass-blown holiday ornament in his studio glassblowing
A modern midcentury vintage walnut china display hutch with white china and other antique nick-nacks
Christmas ceramic snowmen and stuffed bears with snow hats and scarfs on carpeted staircase
A beautiful handmade wire necklace on a chrome stand in the home studio of NashVegas Hippie Jewelry
A commercial-grade expresso machine making expresso as it drips into a black cup in a home kitchen
A hand demo holding a connector with two Amplion Alert medical suspend hospital panels
Hobby baker Kerri Suh decorates German chocolate cake with Italian buttercream icing in her kitchen
tteokbokki with sticky rice flour topped with sauce cheese green onions and a yellow pickled radish
Pet Tao holistic dog food in the can in flavors Blaze solution, Chill solution, and Zing solution
two glasses of fresh squeezed lemonade with lime wedges on table with blue white floral tablecloth
A blue bowl of pan-fried plantains cooked in large skillet at Sendero Los Caimanes in Ecuador
a small desk lamp on a desktop in a room with beige curtains
Oatmeal in blue cups with fresh berries near eggs in a basket on an American flag
4patriots dried chicken a la king classic potato soup cinnamon sugar oatmeal 72-hour survival food
apple old fashioned specialty bourbon cocktail in glass on black bar top with apple and cinnamon
Bloody Mary craft cocktail in a mason jar garnished with a fresh stalk of basil
Swiss cheese wedge grapes strawberries and crackers on table
grilled chicken with couscous and garnish served with an arugula salad at Marche Artisan Foods
Fresh cherries in containers at Hip Donelson Farmers Market in Nashville
A hand-crafted custom olive green Capotto coat made from repurposed fabric by Lambert Clark
Avocado toast with eggs sunny side up and pico de gallo, scrambled eggs, coffee, and oj
BBQ dry rub ribs on a plate with garnished peppers by Chef Shane Autry
ornate industrial light fixture of brushed orange metal of the letter N with round light bulbs
two holiday snowflake-painted birdhouses one in red and one in green with tin roofs
orange yellow white black Halloween holiday home decor products on bookshelf in room with green wall
Kellie Pickler Selma Drye Home collection of candles pie plate shakers Tennessee-shape cutting board
A Bedroc brown leather journal with a pen lying on a blue velvet couch for e-commerce and marketing.
patriotic anniversary cake for American Spirit Magazine by celebrity cake decorator Jay Qualls
A colorful bowl of fresh organic hummus with pomegranate seeds sitting on a brown placemat
appetizer of plantains made with chorizo, manchego, jalapeno, chayote, and charred scallion
lamb dukkah ratatouille harissa yogurt and plantains with chorizo manchego jalapeno chayote scallion
Fish plated with Swiss chard, bacon, pickled golden raisin, and charred tomato
Three bottles of Von Schleinitz Riesling Wines VS Nitor Highdef VS Apollo dry
Amplion alert communication technology medical products for the healthcare industry
Two white Sleepmade pillows stacked on top of each other on a white studio backdrop
dried packaged strawberries and blueberries on wooden block with fresh berries and blueberry pie
tin 3-tier home decor display stand with fall porcelain pumpkins on glass table next to mirror
A cutting board with beef carpaccio topped with arugula peppers and jam served as appetizer
A black commuter van photographed in front of a tall glass building
Pet Tao holistic canned dog food flavors chill, limited ingredient, beef formula, and zing
NashVegas Hippie Custom handcrafted Necklaces with pendants made from India antique jewelry dies
strawberry margarita sitting on a Saint Anejo wooden cutting board garnished with a lemon wedge
home sewing studio of fiber artist with Jack industrial sewing machine with other sewing tools
a specialty martini drink sitting on a bar at a restaurant
handmade greetingcardsy made from repurposed fabrics sewn onto paper cardstock
Harvest ripe purple wine grapes hanging from the vine surrounded by green leaves
Several freshly made empanadas grilled on outdoor black barrel grill on the Canoa beach in Ecuador
a bag of Pet Tao spleen-flavored holistic dog treats and a bottle of daily vitamin dog supplements
antique chrome jukebox with red buttons on red-tiled wall above table at Elliston Place Soda Shop.
Shrimp green beans peanuts and noodle stir fry on square white plate with chopsticks
dinner plate of fish with crab stuffing asparagus with white wine
A pink apple martini craft cocktail in a martini glass next to a drink shaker
Panino, tramezzino, ciabatta, rosetta, and baguette sandwiches, and Italian pizzas in Venice Italy
packaged survival dried food products stacked around a Christmas tree with a puppy, milk and cookies
A plate with two filets of breaded trout, a side of collard greens, a cappuccino, and water
select meats and other foods at a market in Venice Italy
A variety of turquoise and other gemstone handmade bracelets on black display in an artist's studio
Pasta with fresh tomatoes olives capers and parmesan cheese on white plate sitting on cutting board
Packaged Pet Tao Dog treats with salmon lung kidney spleen heart liver and compliment immune flavors
white bowl of Caesar salad with kale parmesan and anchovy sitting on wooden table at restaurant
fried hot chicken dinner with white bread greens mac n cheese with hot sauce Sprite at Bolton's
Fish and crabs arranged with tomatoes, lemons, and other items on display at small Italian market
white plate of waffles with syrup, peaches, and a pat of butter served with a glass of orange juice
A unique coffee blend in a carafe with a mug at the Barista Parlor coffee shop
A large yellow bin of organically grown oyster mushrooms at a Nashville farmers market
cheese burger fries and coke sitting on wooden bar at Rotier's restaurant Nashville
large steak with parsley garnish served with a side of onion rings and red wine on white tablecloth
white square bowl of green beans with chop sticks lying across the top of the bowl
A wine bottle with a glass of red wine next to it on a folded newspaper on an outside table
Woman pulling bag of chips from display, product photography, aramark.