A Still Life Of Family Photos Pen And Paper

Personal Work
photo of man with no shirt with barbed wire around his head for photo series The Many Faces Of God
A fine art still life of blueberries in measuring cups for an ongoing artist series called Food For Thought.
a live virtual photoshoot of artist Randy Purcell working in his art studio during Covid
an old curved wrench lying on the pages of an opened book from the artist series Lost and Found
blackberries in jar sitting on the top of an antique scale for artist series Food For Thought
A reel and several strands of old motion picture film hanging from a rack on the wall
bird's nest with old antique marbles inside resembling eggs from fine art series called Lost & Found
A still life of a glass Vera Wang perfume bottle with other perfumes on a bathroom countertop.
A red antique Randolph 3 fire extinguisher hanging on a wall of Luez Theater in Bolivar Tennessee
A vintage Chris Craft boat named Miss Chief in a foggy lake with an American nautical flag
rooster with brown and red markings sits in a cage at the Wilson County Fai
Family photos old glasses handwritten poem on paper quill pen red book old cigar box fine art photo
antique chrome jukebox with red buttons on red-tiled wall above table at Elliston Place Soda Shop.