A Portrait Of A Construction Worker In A Tool Belt

Industry & Construction Photography
farmer Karen Overton feeding free-range chickens at sunrise on the farm
male cheesemaker in a hairnet and blue gloves strains cheese in a cheese processing plant
bearded male construction worker in a white t-shirt prepping rebar for concrete
three construction workers unpack and assemble furniture while staging newly built hotel room
a fabricated concrete tree surrounded by bamboo
several workers packed into a construction elevator
multiple kegs of beer lined up near fermentation tanks at beer distillery
two construction workers working on windows from suspended scaffolding outside of high-rise
male construction manager in orange t-shirt and safety glasses looking at blueprints
construction worker marking a tape-measured spot with blue spray paint on a gravel path
portrait of mexican male wearing suspenders, jeans white hard hat an orange shirt holding gloves
male cheesemaker in a hairnet and blue gloves strains cheese in a cheese processing plant
white male construction worker in yellow shirt carrying metal ac duct at construction site
raw materials are piled in holding area near a yellow container
a man in jeans and red shirt working with a tile factory atomizer that is processing powder in factory
warehouse screen printing room with tile textures and glazes
multiple bins of different sizes of red and silver u-bolts
two male construction engineers study blueprints and work from iPad at construction site
man in a red shirt working on the computer of his portable contractor office
glaze testing room with mixers and a scale
female wallpaper installer in a black jacket and yellow hard hat holding a roll of wallpaper
several construction workers climbing on scaffolding at construction site
concrete worker in jeans blowing concrete onto a rebar and wire structure
several drywall construction workers mudding, prepping and sanding a ceiling at construction site
warehouse with multiple kinds of packaged cheeses stacked on dollies and shelves
factory warehouse of spray glazing machines adding glaze to tiles
large blue kilns in a tile manufacturing plant
portrait of young ethnic male construction worker wearing tool belt and safety glasses a
two concrete workers in hard hats smoothing out concrete forming a boulder
vineyard workers picking grapes and putting them into yellow bins
several rows of beer distillery tanks in the warehouse
rows of tiles with different textures and glazes marked with numbers
older male construction worker with mustache and gray hair sawing wood on saw horses with skill saw
white male construction worker with blue bandana on his head in jeans smoking cigarette
mixer troth with ceramic glaze in tile factory
a concrete worker pouring dry concrete from a bag into a red mixer at construction site
a concrete worker staining a fabricated concrete tree by hand with brush
truck with an American flag painted on it unloads stacks of drywall at construction site
male construction worker hand trowels concrete into rock formations at zoo
rows of packaged tile sitting on pallets stacked on shelves in tile manufacturing warehouse
goats in a row with woman in black shirt milking a goat at dairy farm
bottle-filling machine moving empty green bottles
young male construction worker on stilts holding a troth of drywall mud
african american male construction worker with a mustache in blue overalls at construction site
warehouse tile stacking machines packaging cases of tile into cardboard boxes
construction worker forming concrete with trowel into fabricated rock cove
a male construction worker in yellow hardhat looking over blueprints
area of land dug out and surrounded by a chainlink fence
three male executives in hard hats at rooftop hotel construction site
ra otary cylinder screen machine adding texture and glaze to tiles in manufacturing plant
drywall construction worker in an orange shirt and red hat with joint compound in troth
three concrete workers blowing concrete onto a form with hose
wine bottles with red tops stacked on a wine rack
Several people with hard hats on tour of hotel construction progress
male worker dumping yellow basket of grapes into bin on front of green John Deere tractor
a custom guitar diagram design on computer screen
construction worker in orange jacket, facemask, and hard hat installing pink insulation
inside of tile manufacturing warehouse with rows of machinery, tanks, and hoses
male construction worker with mustache in orange Oklahoma state sweatshirt holding extension chord
fabricated rebar forms of boulders prepped for concrete
bottle filling machine filling brown wine bottles with wine
metal warehouse quarry with clay and sand
commercial contractors sitting in a portable at a table during meeting
a crane inside of a fenced-in construction site downtown Nashville
construction crew in hard hats working on a nashville hotel
construction workers inspecting scaffolding around fabricated concrete cliff boulders
orange tile manufactiuring machine in a factory
concrete worker in orange shirt holding concrete brush tools
two white buckets two concrete brush tools a bag of other tools sitting on an outdoor ledge
two construction workers prepping a wood and rebar-formed wall for concrete
beer fermentation tanks at a distillery
guitar body in wooden mold under construction
bearded older male construction worker wearing a striped red button-up shirt
men in safety glasses at factory talking
white male with beard in white hard hat and blue shirt in home under construction
Arrington Vinyard Antebellum wine bottles coming out of packaging machine
two american construction workers at construction site
man wearing overalls and ball cap working on a pump locked into a blue vice grip in parts room
stacks of G200 feldspar stacked on pallets in tile manufacturing warehouse
orange glowing open furnace with a metal ram head being heated up
man in green shirt and woman in black shirt milking goats at dairy farm
scales and rows of plastic bins containing ceramic frit composition
blacksmith filing metal ram head mounted in vice with wire brush in workshop
cheesemaker with hairnet and blue gloves checks the cheese curd texture at processing plant
yellow baskets filled with purple wine grapes near the grape vines at vineyard
construction workers inspecting scaffolding around fabricated concrete cliff boulders
portrait of a construction worker wearing a hard hat, yellow vest, and gray jacket holding his keys
concrete construction fabrication of waterfall, boulder formations, and tree stump
male construction worker drilling into a fabricated concrete rock formation
construction worker in orange shirt cutting a steel pipe attached to a fabricated concrete wall
large wooden spools with steel cable structural wire rope are stacked in a warehouse.
concrete fabricated outdoor wall of boulders with rebar and scaffolding
Nashville zoo park entrance with flowers, huts and signage
front of the Westin Hotel with the Nashville Stix sculpture in the foreground
driveway hotel entrance into the Nashville Westin under construction
rows of concrete fabricated trees along a walkway leading toward a zoo exhibit
crew mixing and blowing concrete to form rock entry area of Pudu at Nashville zoo
Mexican male construction worker in black long-sleeve shirt, white hard hat, glasses at hotel construction site.
14-story highrise hotel construction site with Nashville cityscape in the background
cnc machine milling a guitar neck.
concrete fabricated tree stump with other rock boulder formations under construction
nashville zoo expedition peru woman's bathroom under construction
fabricated concrete rotten tree stump
case of wine bottles with orange tops
painter on ladder wiping faux wall
round concrete brush on ledge with other tools
spider monkey exhibit Nashville Zoo
male concrete worker in green shirt and hard hat staining fabricated rock formation
construction worker wearing safety goggles tool belt suspenders at a construction site
people in hard hats on construction site tour
tv camera interview of man at The Westin hotel construction site
fabricated rock bolder outdoor formation
machine labeling bottles of Arrington Vinyards Antebellum wine
female tile worker in a ponytail spreading grout over tile
concrete worker in gray with hardhat spreading concrete with a trowel
media tour of people in hard hats at construction site
two male construction workers in hard hats
group meeting of hotel construction workers at construction site
two rectangular concrete brush tools on ledge
man waxing large round block of cheese
two female construction workers in hard hats yellow shirts with orange jackets at construction site
machine filling green bottles with red wine
male wiring technician looking at blueprint plans
green wine bottles in a row
construction worker measuring vinyl flooring at construction site
concrete worker mixing concrete in buckets with a blue bandana
two construction workers working on blowing and trowel forming a concrete wall
bearded construction worker measuring wall with tape measure
hands of two construction workers with the blueprints
farmer Amy Delvin standing in a greenhouse near an organic crop of greens