Pharmaceutical Drug Bins Next To Shelves Of RX Drugs

Healthcare & Wellness Photography
A wall of pharmaceutical drug bins next to shelves of RX drugs at automated drug distribution center
An executive portrait of Sapna P. Kripalani, MD in a white lab coat sitting at her desk in a clinic
female doctor in white lab coat sitting with a female patient reviewing an EKG chart in a clinic
Multiple shelves of pharmaceutical drugs are carefully arranged at a drug distribution center
female nurse in dark scrubs measures height of boy in a mask and green shirt in a children's clinic
Dermatologist Jennifer Lee in a white lab coat working with a nurse in her Brentwood clinic
Doctor Christopher Holloway in a white lab coat in the clinic standing near an eye exam chart
Veterinarian Marc Smith in a lab coat PET TAO pet products Natchez Trace Veterinary Services office
worker in hairnet holding hands up for optical AI recognition machine scan at healthcare facility
automated machine fills a brown pill bottle with an RX prescription from blue bins of medications
doctor in white lab coat sitting next to patient in suit reviewing medical charts in examining room
A male hospital patient in a room with a female guest holding his arm
A female doctor, nurse, and a male patient looking at a computer during a patient physical at clinic
female nurse wearing blue scrubs and glasses sitting at her computer working in her office
doctor and two nurses working in lab and supply room area at children's clinic
a nurse adjusts a machine for a female patient getting a mammogram at a healthcare facility
pharmacist's hand holding a pill bottle sitting at table explaining how to use their RX medication
Ophthalmologist Rand Paul working in his clinic with a patient in his Kentucky clinic
doctor Steven Manoukian M.D. in a lab coat standing near a medical supply shelf of medical supplies
an automated machine dropping a pill bottle of fulfilled RX prescription into a blue bin
Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse Aaron Gignilliat in blue scrubs in a hospital operating room
A nurse in pink scrubs with a patient in a hospital bed using a patient-care communication device
Pediatrician Dr. Paul Heil in striped shirt and khakis talking with young patient in examining room
A male and a female doctor wearing lab coats walking down a hallway at a healthcare facility
Dr. Nancy R. Cho M.D, in a lab with an x-ray wearing a white lab coat.
Dr. James Hildreth sitting in a lab with a microscope wearing a lab coat
RN Kelley Smith in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in scrubs at a computer next to an incubator
Marc Smith administers alternative medicine laser treatment to dog wearing special glasses in clinic
A scale near a hallway with a blue wall and dresser in the Children's Clinic Of Nashville
Dr. Kim Shannon in a green shirt and a lab coat with a patient at a clinic
doctor Andrew Zurick near a nurses station in a hospital wearing a white lab coat
A nurse in pink scrubs walking down a hospital corridor using a medical handheld device by Amplion
Rand Paul sitting in his office wearing a white laboratory coat
Dr. Parker Panovec wearing a lab coat standing in a clinic next to an eye chart
Blue bins stacked awaiting automated pharmacy dispense orders by shelves of pharmaceutical drugs
Blue pharmaceutical drug bins filled with pills for automated pharmacy dispense prescriptions
A female doctor reviews an EKG medical chart from patient's physical with a tool at her office desk
Inside an RX automated pharmacy limited distribution facility with shelves of medicine inventory
Doctor Matthew Miller in a white lab coat and glasses in the corridor of Vanderbilt Hospital