Biggest Looser Sisters Olivia Ward And Hannah Curlee

Editorial & Advertising Photography
A woman is standing in front of a snack display.
A woman in a kitchen with a blueberry pie and dried fruit packaging.
Biggest Looser contestants and sisters Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee sitting on couch looking at a book
executive Stryker Warren in his Nashville loft sitting in a chair in his living room wearing a suit
James Suh of Taco Diplomacy holds a bowl of tteokbokki a Korean rice cake
An editorial photo of letterpress printer Nan Flynn sitting in her living room
Ashley Campbell standing in front of window with green curtains and couch wearing red holding banjo
Nashville songwriter Melissa Mahnke in a pink furry coat for PR and marketing
Terrell Thornhill standing in his kitchen holding a coffee cup
baker Kari Suh standing at her kitchen counter with two beautiful cakes
Buddy Jackson standing in his kitchen holding a blue coffee mug
artist Ken Means carving a carousel horse in his studio
artist blowing air into molten glass to form an ornament
Butcher Tim George standing near his carved raw meat in hat, glasses and green apron
Twyla Lambart sitting at her sewing machine working in her home studio
Mary Elizabeth Long sitting at a desk making wire jewelry in her home studio
Farmer Ken Drinnon stands near his cows watching them eat at feeding time
chef Kristin Beringson standing in restaurant holding a specialty food appetizer
Phil Ponder at his home studio sitting in a chair looking through a large book
sculptor Valentine Adams cutting metal in his studio
a farmer in a hat feeds the chickens at sunrise in a coop with a rooster standing by watching
Christa Schoenbrodt sitting in the dining room of her home
Kix Brooks leaning on the bar in the tasting room at Arrington Vineyards
executive sitting in his office on his computer behind glass walls
a woman's weathered hands holding fresh sunflower seeds from the garden
A male dairy farm worker rounds up cows to the milking station
A woman in a hat, green sweater, and white skirt holding a bottle of wine
Travis Terrell sitting on the patio at his tech company
man in suit leaning on a bar in his home with a drink
A Man Frothing Milk At A Cappuccino Machine In An Aramark Micro Market
two women in a kitchen cutting scallions with dried packages of food on the counter
Bill Hagerty wearing a blue button-up shirt sitting in his living room
farmer Karen Overton feeding free-range chickens at sunrise on the farm
a middle-aged woman in a teal apron holding two blueberry pies at a table in front of the pantry
Buddy Jackson wearing a blue jean shirt, corduroy pants, and sneakers sitting on his bed
Li Qin in his home sitting near a window with plants and a journal
male cheesemaker in a hairnet and blue gloves strains cheese in a cheese processing plant
goats in a row with woman in black shirt milking a goat at dairy farm
Libby Orsburn M.D. in her home near some bookshelves
CEO Lerry Wilson of Splunk wearing a suit sitting in his home office in Nashville
Margaret Walker Clair in red dress and black jacket standing near paintings in art archive room
Kellie Pickler Wearing blue United We Stand USO T-Shirt standing at a large wooden front door
cook wearing all black standing in front of stove in kitchen stirring food in large pot
Mark Gilroy smoking a cigar outside near a barn
John Oates sitting with his wife in their Nashville home
woman holding an avocado and a bottle of avocado oil standing at a kitchen counter
young woman playing an orange guitar sitting on a Sleepmade mattress
a white male auto mechanic leaning on a red tool bench of wrenches in a garage
Jane Snyder in her home wearing a red coat and red-rimmed glasses
Amputee Traves Meados sitting on green retro couch in his home
Kellie Pickler standing in a kitchen wearing an apron and holding a cup of coffee
a young woman in red t-shirt leaning on counter kitchen counter with living room in background
Patricia Lee with her husband Darnell Victor Jones sitting on their living room couch
Kellie Pickler in kitchen showcasing candles, salt-n-pepper shakers, cutting boards and pie plates
Kix Brooks wearing a pink shirt and white hat in his vineyard with wine
Brooks Doverman in a suit and tie sitting in a chair in a client area
man in blue and white checkered shirt holding yellow bin full of grapes and another on the ground
baby chickens waiting to be fed in a barn coop with straw on the ground
young boy in elementary school with other students sitting with books on their desks in a classroom
Travis Meadows in a hat sitting in the courtyard smoking a cigarette
Bolton Mathews sitting at table in restaurant with hot chicken and bread dinner
Farmer Ken Drinnon looking at his cows behind a barbed wire fence on his farm
goats eating from a metal troth with another looking over the fence in a barn
waiter serving several large steaks to two women and a man at a table in an upscale restaurant
farmer Amy Delvin standing in a greenhouse near an organic crop of greens
a young boy and girl work on a project in science class stirring a blue liquid in a measuring cup
Sara Estes sitting on a table in an art gallery in a black jacket with a floral scarf
male worker with a hairnet, and blue-jean overalls standing next to cut waxed cheese wedges at plant
military vet Gabe Neill a hobo dealing with his PTSD by jumping trains across the US
Porter Road Butcher owners Chris and James in the freezer with frozen meat
young blonde girl in shorts with a ponytail sitting on a bar stool drinking a milkshake
Chef Tandy Wilson holding a basket of zucchini while prepping in the kitchen
Graham "Guice" Fuze in suspenders and bow tie behind bar with speciality drink
elderly woman standing near a lamp
Hank Delvin Sr. standing next to his red International 1066 tractor on his farm
a young male hobo train jumper in a red ball cap and blue shirt on railroad tracks near freight cars
health coach Amber Robertson in apron holding a pasta dish with tomatoes and olives
woman grape picker in a blue plaid shirt picking grapes with other workers
headshot of Architect Brad Norris
Kip Summers wearing black dress shirt holding glass of red wine standing near wine barrels at winery
CEO Clayton Nicholas in his office by a globe and glass window
side profile of executive Lerry Wilson outside with bright yellow fall leaves in the background
Genie James sitting in her living room wearing a red dress
Terrance Hurd in black suit and white shirt standing next to statue with white walls carpet curtains
Solo artist Joe Zelek in old house with torn floral wallpaper wearing a shirt and vest