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Corporate Headshots Are Changing

By Sheri Oneal

These days I seem to be getting more and more calls from business executives who want something different when it comes to their photos. I think there is a trend happening, perhaps it is the younger generation wanting to be themselves rather than conforming or an older generation realizing that you can be smiling in a casual atmosphere yet still look professional. It seems to me that people want to look more relaxed in the photos that they send out as PR material. I prefer to have people look happier and more relaxed in the photos I take because I think it makes them more approachable from the customer’s standpoint. Social media marketing proves that we want to feel connected to those we choose to do business with and a simple smile can make all the difference in the world. That being said I also think a great photograph is key because it is your image, we live in a visual world and your image is everything!

Brian Carden was no exception to the idea of wanting something different. He is a Financial Advisor here in Nashville who came to me and said, “I am updating my site, I don’t want to appear conservative, I wear a suit but I don’t want to appear stiff in my pictures and I want something different”. At the moment he is working with Robert Land, his “Digital Brand Architect” and Robert is working to build Brian’s new brand from the ground up. I met with Robert first and we talked about the image we wanted to create for Brian…something less business-like but very professional and very approachable. I decided to shoot at Brian’s home because I love creating an image in someone’s own surroundings and environmental portraiture is one of my specialties! I know that when someone is in their own home they are much more relaxed and it makes my job a lot easier. My goal is always to try and capture something about that person, their body needs to be relaxed and it needs to show in their body language and in their eyes. I think we nailed that at Brian’s house and I can’t wait to see how his new site and marketing material comes together!

PR for the small business is changing and so are the needs for photography regarding branding and image. If you need someone to talk to about your marketing, your brand, and your image give me a call. I am here to help and it doesn’t have to be a painful experience, I promise!  Until next time…

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