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Sweetness with a twist…the Bang Candy Company

By Sheri Oneal

I don’t watch tv often but on occasion I have found myself completely absorbed in shows like Eat Street, Food(ography), Unique Eats and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives among others… I guess I might be a little obsessed with the travel channel, food network and the cooking channel. My infatuation has led me to want to shoot more images of inspired people doing what they love with food. Being inspired after watching several episodes of Eat Street I did some research on the food trucks in Nashville and was led to Sarah Souther.

Sarah moved to Nashville eight years ago from Tipperary, Ireland where she spent a lot of her childhood in the kitchen with her mother (a Cordon Bleu-trained chef), picking up tricks of the trade and watching a natural cook at work. She studied film and worked in the industry before coming to the states to be with her fiance. Her colorful and artful journey includes being an assistant to Buddy Miller, a yoga instructor, a florist, a silk artist and mother.

Sarah’s inspiration as an edible artist came in May of 2010 by chance when she was out with a friend and ordered a dessert of hot chocolate in a tea pot served with handmade marshmallows. She was so impressed with the flavor and curious about the process of a handmade marshmallow that she started experimenting with her own recipes at home. She took the homemade marshmallow idea and put her own twist to it creating unique and interesting flavors. After seeing how much her friends liked her delightful recipes she decided to take a big next step and The Bang Candy Company was born!

Sarah has since developed her business to include homemade marshmallows, cookies, syrups, sandwiches, ice coffee and other seasonal delights. She started out selling her sweets from a mobile trailer that looks like a miniature log cabin, prepping each day from a kitchen in East Nashville. She has recently opened a small comfortable quaint shop located at Marathon Village in Nashville. The cozy space has several tables and a hallway where her customers can watch her and her assistants making the items daily.

I visited Sarah recently and enjoyed spending a few hours watching her and her assistants prep for their day!

(above left) Wesley Jones prepares sour mallows.                                                                         (above right) Sarah tempering chocolate…

(above left) Wesley dipping marshmallows into chocolate one by one.

(above) Rose Cardamom flavored marshmallows.

(above left) Rose Cardamom, orange ginger cinnamon and toasted coconut flavored marshmallows.  (above right) Marshmallows are packaged by hand and sold by the bag.

(above) Focaccia bread is made in house daily and Lauren Miller prepares the Bandolera sandwiches for the lunch crowd.

(above) The small comfortable quaint shop in Marathon Village.

(above) Lauren Miller, Sarah Souther and Wesley Jones, The Bang Candy Company

If you have not tried Sarah’s wonderful recipes you are missing out. Swing by The Bang Candy Company at 1300 Clinton Street Nashville TN and tell her I sent you!

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