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Looking for unique products & services for “Made in America” blog series!!

This year I am challenging myself to do more personal work. I have decided to start a series called “Made in America: Nashville,” and it will center around products and services that are offered and created in America. I plan to focus in and around Nashville but hope when opportunity arises I can branch out.

“Made in America” has long been a topic of discussion within news sources due to US businesses outsourcing to other countries because the labor and production cost are often cheaper. Being a small business owner myself I realize the importance of offering a quality product and service that adds value and is affordable to my clients. I want to focus on small businesses offering interesting and unique products and/or services.

Because of the current state of our economy, the challenges in maintaining long term employment and the possibilities of internet marketing, I believe there are more start up small businesses than ever before. I have seen people lose their jobs and with the weak outlook of finding work decide to start their own small business based on their interest. The internet offers small businesses a way to find more customers interested in their markets as well as easily sell products online. I have noticed more and more small start up businesses popping up in Nashville and I love what these small businesses are doing. Because this is a personal project I am starting here at home but who knows, I would love to grow this idea to other cities around the country!

This is a short video introduction for my first blog post that will be introduced in a week or sooner…

I am looking for interesting story ideas in the Nashville area and need help finding these unique small business individuals. If you are a small business owner with a story, offer a unique product and/or service or know of someone I want to hear from you! Please message me with your suggestion and your phone number so I can review it and contact you if I feel it will work with this new series. If chosen I will schedule a photoshoot, write up a story line with your approval, post it in my blog space and market it across the web. I will also allow you to use the blog link for your own promotion. I look forward to hearing from you soon!