A picture of a guitar damaged in the Nashville flood and repaired by Joe Glaser.

Joe Glaser’s Instrument Repair Business

By Sheri Oneal

On Friday, June 25 I made a visit to Joe Glaser’s instrument repair company to pick up some gear he wanted to donate to my ReTune Nashville project.  Joe’s expertise has been said to be the best around and after visiting his facility he certainly has the volume of work to support the claim.  Loving the ability to turn any experience into a photo opportunity, I took along my camera just in case.

Joe started by taking me through his entire facility pointing out the flood-damaged gear he was currently working on by such names as Keb Mo, Vince Gill, John Fogerty, and so many others.  I asked if I could take some pictures and he allowed me to do so although some items were off-limits to photos. What a great hour of learning about musical instruments and what his business does to fix many of these damaged and broken items.

I love shooting documentary style and would love to go back and cover Joe’s business from an editorial point of view, I enjoyed my visit and I walked away with some great pictures! Joe graciously donated 8 guitars to ReTune Nashville (read the previous post) from prominent artists that were not worth fixing, all of these items were stored at Soundcheck, a facility that houses most of  Nashville’s prominent musician’s gear.  I was blown away by what he shared with me and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet this talented man in person!  Below are some of the photos I shot on Friday…enjoy!

This guitar was estimated to be worth a hundred thousand dollars and Joe believes it can be restored to its original look and sound.  He has a special machine that can grind the fretboard down eliminating any warping that occurred from water damage, the other repairs are all done by hand.  It is amazing to think of the talent these guys have to bring items like this back after such destruction.

Scott Holyfield works on a vintage guitar (below) that was damaged in the May 2010 Nashville flood while in a storage shed at the Soundcheck facility. The Cumberland River crested over 50 feet and flooded the facility damaging millions of dollars worth of musical gear.

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