NEED A HEADSHOT? here is what to look for when choosing a PHOTOGRAPHER

By Sheri Oneal

You need a new headshot that will last for years. Consider these factors and you will be able to find a pro photographer who will meet your needs and expectations.


Before hiring a photographer, research their headshot work to get a sense of their experience, that there is consistency, and that they have the ability to capture your personality.

A great headshot will convey your professionalism to potential employers and clients alike.

Before hiring a photographer, review their website portfolio. Be sure that their style and quality of work align with the look and feel of what you want in your headshot.


A photographer may have amazing work online but can they work with a real person in front of the camera? Models are trained to look good, everyday people are not, and that will show in their work.


If you feel comfortable in front of the camera your headshot will showcase the true you. Call the photographer to determine if they are friendly, easy to communicate with, and personable. 

Communicating on the phone with them and hearing how they respond to your questions gives you a taste of how easy it will be to work with them in person.


Check online reviews and testimonials to see what their clients are saying. The satisfaction of previous customers will show their communication skills, service quality, and professionalism.

A great headshot makes a great first impression showcasing who you are in your profession!


A professional photographer will use a high-end camera and lighting gear. They will also offer some level of retouching to your final images. Be sure to ask questions about their process.

Using the professional tools of the trade is the key to your headshot looking like a professional shot versus one that you did yourself.


Compare the details of what is included in headshot package pricing from different photographers. Ask questions to ensure you get a fair package price and quality work before you commit.

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