West Side Digs: answer. restaurant blog series
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West Side Digs: answer. restaurant

By Sheri Oneal

It has been a while, after a year and a half hiatus working on some personal projects I am back and excited to share. I have several blog’s on the way but today I want to introduce you to my “West Side Digs” ongoing series. It will feature local businesses in the Sylvan Heights, Sylvan Park, Nations and Charlotte corridor of Nashville showcasing locally owned businesses, restaurants, shops and other spaces.

With 80-100 people moving to Nashville a day and more than 5000 recently built homes in the Nation’s area alone, it is apparent that the West side of Nashville is finally catching up to all the other hot areas of town! This blog series will showcase what this area has to offer.

Welcome to the first addition of West Side Digs, and the newly opened restaurant answer. here in Nashville. Two months ago, answer. opened their doors in Sylvan Park on 46th Avenue North.

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, Nashville

Every time I’ve driven by they look busy and customers seem to love the cozy outdoor seating area. So far many of the patrons are from around the neighborhood due to its great location about 2 blocks from the roundabout. Their menu is inspired by food from around the world including Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, Latin and American fusion.

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, Nashville

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, Nashville

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, Nashville

Developing a globally inspired seasonal menu, part owner and executive chef Chris Raucci creates classic dishes with a twist. Everything is fresh and made from scratch. His career started in Atlanta after graduating from Johnson & Wales University. He had worked for several acclaimed restaurants in Atlanta, Charlotte and Florida before settling in Nashville. His inspiration comes from his love of food from different cultures. When he can’t sleep he researches food and creates recipes for the restaurant. His passion comes together with his creative infused dishes through his research.

Denver, Colorado native Victoria Rothberg is part owner and general manager of answer. restaurant. Her love of food started when she was a hostess at an Italian restaurant in High School. After graduating from New York University she worked  with Hillstone Restaurant Group allowing her to manage various restaurant establishments throughout various cities in the US. Her hard work and dedication has landed her here with this new adventure, Victoria say’s “it’s like hosting a dinner party every night!”

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, owners, Nashville

Chris and Victoria (above) met while working with Ted’s Montana Grill, Victoria as Director of Operations and Chris as Corporate Executive Chef. After opening multiple TMG Restaurants they decided to team up and start their own restaurant. Their concept was to create a space for friends and family to come and enjoy wonderful innovative dishes in a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, plantains, Nashville

Chef Raucci prepared a few plates for me to shoot while I was there, the first was the plantains (above)  made with  chorizo, manchego, jalapeno, chayote and charred scallion.

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, lamb, Nashville

Next was the lamb (above) and included dukkah, chilled ratatouille and harissa yogurt.

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, fish, Nashville

The last dish was the fish (above) plated with swiss chard, bacon, pickled golden raisin and charred tomato. All looked exquisitely prepared and delightfully tempting.

The restaurant seats approximately 75 and includes a 22 seat bar and a 28 seat outdoor covered patio. Prices range from 5$-30$ which includes shareable plates, entrees, a brunch menu and they have a full bar.

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, menu, prep cook, Nashville

I have not yet had a chance to try the food here but some of my friends have and have given it a top notch rating. I am so excited to see this wonderful new restaurant in the area and I am looking forward to indulging with friends soon. If you would like to know more about answer. restaurant please visit their website or connect with them on facebook and instagram!

Thank you so much for reading! I continue to look for interesting story ideas in the West Nashville area and need help finding unique small business individuals. If you are a small business owner in the area, offer a unique product and/or service or know of someone please let me know!  

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