Terrell Thornhill at drafting table in his art studio
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Master Printmaker Terrell Thornhill

I recently did an artist interview with master printmaker Terrell Thornhill for The Creative Push. He crafts beautiful limited-edition prints onto paper using old-school methods of screen printing from the early 1900s combined with painting techniques. Self-taught, he has spent over 40 years mastering his printing technique. Here are a few of the images I took while doing my interview with him.

artist in studio
kindred flower series
Artist in studio at table
Paint Brush on studio table
Screen Printing Inks
Printmaker Terrell Thornhill on computer
paints and brushes
screen printed flowers on paper
Printmaker Terrell Thornhill in kitchen.
Kindred Flower series
hand signing art on paper
Home screen printing studio

If you are interested in learning more about Terrell and his art you can read the full story at my other project called The Creative Push, all the links are below.

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The Creative Push Podcast:

Take the interview with you and listen to the podcast version!

The Creative Push Blog

If you would like to read more about Terrell visit my other blog The Creative Push for my interview!

Printmaker Terrell Thornhill

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