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Nashville Watercolor Artist Phil Ponder

This month I had a chance to photograph Nashville watercolor artist Phil Ponder in his home studio. I interviewed him for my podcast artist interview series on The Creative Push. He is best known for his hand-painted iconic architectural images of Nashville. When I met Phil at the end of last year through a friend while at an art gathering, I was surprised to find out he was from my hometown of Ocala, Florida.

Although Phil started growing his career as a painter after retiring, he has gained success in Nashville and his work is preserving the everchanging architectural history here in Tennessee. He was a pleasure to talk with for my podcast.

Phil ponder with new book in his home studio
Watercolor paints
hands painting Nissan stadium with watercolor
Phil Ponder's Happy Painting framed print
Phil Ponder painting Nissan stadium with watercolor paints
Phil Ponder watercolor balloons
Phil Ponder's painting space
Phil Ponder watercolor trains
Phil Ponder painting with watercolor paints in his studio
Phil Ponder's new book of paintings

You can watch the YouTube video interview below.

Below is the podcast Artist Interview for The Creative Push that you can take with you. 

You can also read the full story on The Creative Push blog.

If you want to know what gear I use to create these stories and record the podcast you can see a full list here.

What do you think about Phil’s work? Is there someone you know who might be a great fit for The Creative Push artist interview series? Drop me a message and let me know, I am always looking for new story ideas!

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