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Brad Norris-Architect Pt. 1: Corporate Headshots…

In 2010 Nashville Architect Brad Norris contacted me in need of a corporate headshot because he was re-branding his business and putting together a new website.  We talked over the phone about what he was looking for, agreed on a price, decided on the location and I arrived looking forward to doing what I love best…taking pictures on location.

I love shooting corporate headshots when my client allows me to be creative. More and more I am finding that people are tired of the standard headshot on a boring backdrop. When given the opportunity to have something unique to what they do as opposed to something completely generic most often they will go with uniqueness. When I can come to a location that the client likes, perhaps their business or home, I am able to capture more about the person themselves and I believe it makes a better first impression to their clients. Business has changed, people want to know who they are working with and their corporate photo is generally an insight to that first impression.

Brad and I scouted the location upon my arrival and decided on several different set up’s that would give him a variety of different looks to use for his marketing efforts. He wanted me to somehow incorporate different backgrounds that corresponded to some of the materials and tones that are often showcased in his work. Here are the different images we were able to create from his insights and the location:

This is what he decided to use for his website:

This is part 1…an introduction to Brad. Next week I will share images from a recent project we just completed! Be sure to check out the July 2011 issue of The Art House Magazine, Brad and many of his projects are showcased there this month including a few we have worked on!

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