Smoke Et Al chef

Nashville Loves Food: Smoke Et Al

By Sheri Oneal

Smoke Et Al, Ribs, Foodtruck, Nashville Loves Food: Smoke Et Al

We are in the heart of BBQ season and in the South we love our barbecue! Have you heard of Smoke Et Al, if not you are missing out on some great food! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet owner Shane Autry, for the Nashville Loves Food project I worked on last year. This year he was the 2014 Golden Skillet winner of $10,000 on the Chow Master tv show on the Travel Channel! The day we shot these images it was HOT outside but the smell coming from the smoker helped motivate me to press on.

This is not an average food truck, they go way beyond BBQ, they are a smokin boutique on wheels. Their menu items include hot ribs, brisket tacos, fried pickled okra, fiddlers biscuits, smoked veggie tacos among other tasty items. They use local food source providers, offer seasonal items and recycle what they can. Their catering is off the hook! And if you want to know what won him the Chow Master Golden Skillet…try this on: “Les Trois Petits Cochons” sandwich of Yazoo mustard, buttermilk slaw, pork belly, head cheese and chicharones. YUM!!!

Smoke Et Al, Shane Autry, BBQ, Foodtruck, Nashville Loves Food: Smoke Et Al

It’s lunch time….I think it is time for you to go get some BBQ!

This assignment was shot for the “Nashville Loves Food” project with Lithographics, Inc., Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith.

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