KLD Farms farmer with cows

Nashville Loves Food: KLD Farm

By Sheri Oneal

Last year around this time I had the opportunity to visit Ken Drinnon’s KLD Farm in Ashland City, Tennessee for the Nashville Loves Food series. This 82 acre family owned farm allows plenty room for his Angus cattle to roam, with lots of natural grass, hay and clean water.  Ken doesn’t use steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics of any kind with his cattle. His beef is USDA inspected and 100% chemical free, it is healthier and has a much richer taste than what you get at the grocery store.

Ken and his wife Lucy greeted my team when we arrived at his farm. He first drove us out to a stream where we could see the cattle up close. Then we got a tour around the farm and met the family. Ken is extremely passionate about what he does and about preserving his family farm. Before leaving he gave us all some ground beef and ribeye samples to take home. I was extremely impressed with the tender, rich, juicy flavor, it was my first grass fed beef and I am sold!

KLD Farms, Angus Beef, Ken and Lucy Drinnon

KLD Farms, hay barn, Ken Drinnon

KLD Farm, cattle

KLD Farm, Angus beef, cattle

KLD Farms, Angus Beef, Drinnon Family

Soon we will all most likely be sitting around a grill celebrating Independence Day with friends. If you’re looking for something really special you should consider getting some KLD beef for your celebration. KLD farm beef can be found at locally owned restaurants, farmers markets and butcher shops. I love supporting our local farmers and it really is a healthier choice.

KLD Farm, Angus Beef

This assignment was shot for the “Nashville Loves Food” project with Lithographics, Inc., Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith.

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