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Nashville Loves Food: Delvin Farms

By Sheri Oneal

Nashville Loves Food, Delvin Farms, Strawberries

It is strawberry season and for my Nashville Loves Food series I wanted to introduce you to Delvin Farms, the best local farm around for the juiciest strawberries you will ever put in your mouth! Upon my early morning arrival, I was given a tour of Delvin Farms by Amy, daughter of Hank Sr. and Cindy Delvin. We started with a picture of the family (below) members that were around that morning, Amy, Cindy, Hank Sr. and Hank Jr. Hank Jr.’s two kids were so cute I wanted to grab a photo of him with the munchkins as well.

Nashville Loves Food, Delvin Farms, Delvin Farms Family

Nashville Loves Food, Delvin Farms, Kale

Nashville Loves Food, Delvin Farms, kale, Amy Delvin Tavalin

Asparagus, Nashville Loves Food, Delvin Farms

Organic vegetables, Nashville Loves Food, Delvin Farms

Delvin Farms is a 140-acre family farm located in College Grove, TN and offers 100% certified organic produce. Throughout the season they offer over 80 varieties of heirloom and traditional farm grown veggies. The farm started in 1972 while growing primarily  kale for the restaurant chain Shoney’s. In 1998 they became USDA Certified Organic and their produce is sold in farmers markets, grocery stores, schools and restaurants.

At the end of my visit Amy set me up with a goodie box and handpicked me the best strawberries I have ever tasted! What a wonderful opportunity to meet some local people who make a difference in the community through the “Nashville Loves Food” project with Lithographics, Inc., Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith. If you are out at one of the local farmers markets this weekend look for the Delvin Farms sign, tell them I sent you and taste the strawberries…the best you will ever put in your mouth I promise!

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