Industry & Construction Photography

Karen Overton Feeding The Chickens At Wedge Oak Farm A Cheesemaker Strains Cheese In A Cheese Processing Plant Construction Worker Prepping Rebar For Concrete Workers Assembling Furniture In A Newly Built Hotel Room Concrete Fabricated Tree At The Nashville Zoo Workers Riding In A Construction Elevator Kegs Of Beer At Yazoo Beer Distillery Window Construction By Men On Suspended Scaffolding A Construction Manager Looking At Blueprints A Construction Worker Marking A Measured Spot With Paint Portrait Of A Mexican Construction Worker In Suspenders A Cheesemaker Strains Cheese In A Cheese Processing Factory Construction Worker Carrying AC Duct Porcelain Raw Materials Piled In A Factory Holding Area A Man Works With A Tile Factory Atomizer A Tile Screen Printing Room At A Manufacturing Factory Bins With Different Sizes Of U-bolts Onsite Construction Engineers With Blueprints And An Ipad A Construction Project Manager Working On His Computer A Tile Glaze Testing Room At A Manufacturing Factory A Wallpaper Installer Holding A Roll Of Wallpaper Construction Workers Climbing On Scaffolding A Concrete Worker Blowing Concrete Drywall Workers Mudding, Prepping, And Sanding A Ceiling Multiple Kinds Of Packaged Cheeses In A Warehouse A Warehouse Of Spray Glazing Machines Adding Glaze To Tiles Large Blue Kilns In A Tennessee Tile Manufacturing Plant A Portrait Of A Construction Worker In A Tool Belt Concrete Fabricators Troweling Concrete Into A Rock Wall Vineyard Workers Picking Grapes During Harvest Season Beer Distillery Tanks At Jackalope Brewing Company Rows Of Tile With Different Textures And Glazes A Construction Worker Sawing Wood A Construction Worker With A Bandana Smoking Cigarette Mixer Preparing A Troth Of Ceramic Glaze Construction Workers Mixing Concrete With Mixer A Concrete Worker Staining A Fabricated Tree Trunk A Drywall Delivery Truck A Concrete Worker Troweling A Rock Formation Packaged Tile In A Tile Manufacturing Warehouse Justyne Noble Milking Goats At Her Noble Springs Dairy Farm Moving Bottles With An Automated Filling Machine A Drywall Construction Worker On Stilts With Mud A Construction Worker In Overalls Tile Stacking Machines Packaging Tiles Into Boxes A Nashville Zoo Concrete Worker Forming A Rock Cove Construction Worker Looking At Blueprints A Ground Breaking Fenced Construction Lot Executives At Hotel Construction Site A Tile Rotary Screen Printing Machine Drywall Construction Worker With Joint Compound Concrete Workers Blowing Concrete Arrington Vineyards Wine On A Wine Rack A Hotel Construction Progress Tour A Vineyard Worker Dumping Harvest Grapes Into A Bin A Custom Guitar Diagram Design Prepped For A CNC Machine A Construction Worker Installing Pink Insulation A Tile Manufacturing Plant Warehouse A Construction Worker Holding An Extension Chord Concrete Fabrication Rebar Forms Arrington Vineyards Wine Bottling Filling A Warehouse With Quarried Clay And Sand Raw Materials Contractor Planning Meeting A Crane In A Fenced Construction Site Construction Crew Working On Hotel Onsite Scaffolding At A Nashville Zoo Construction Site A Hydraulic Tile Press Machine Stamping Texture Into Tiles Concrete Worker Holding Brushes Concrete Brush Tools Construction Workers Building Concrete Wall Common Joes Beer Distillery Custom Guitar Body Construction Bearded Construction Worker In Red Button-Up Bill Hagerty In Manufacturing Plant Carter Williams In White Hard Hat Arrington Vineyard Antebellum Wine Bottles Portrait Of Two American Construction Workers An Industry Shop Worker Working Stacks Of G200 Feldspar For Ceramic Tile A Blacksmith Furnace With A Metal Ram Head Dustin and Justyne Noble Milking Goats At Their Dairy Farm Scales And Plastic Bins With Ceramic Frit A Blacksmith Files A Custom Metal Ram Head With A Wire Brush A Man At Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese Checks The Curd Texture Freshly Picked Grapes At Arrington Vineyard Harvest Expedition Peru Bear Construction Site Mexican Construction Worker Wearing Red Hardhat Nashville Zoo Andean Bear Exhibit Construction Site Man Drilling Into Fabricated Concrete Rock Formation A Construction Worker Cutting A Pipe With an Angle Grinder Large Spools Of Steel Cable Structural Wire Rope Construction Of Fabricated Boulders And Waterfall Wall The Nashville Zoo Front Entrance To The Park The Nashville Westin Hotel In Downtown Nashville The Entrance To The Nashville Westin Hotel While Under Construction Concrete Fabricated Trees Along The Treetop Passage Walkway Construction Crew Building Walkway Entrance Of Pudu A Portrait Of A Mexican Male Construction Worker Downtown Nashville 14-story Hotel Construction Site A CNC Machine Milling A Logo Into A Guitar Neck Nashville Zoo Fabricated Construction Of Andean Bear Exhibit Nashville Zoo’s Expedition Peru Bathroom Construction Fabricated Concrete Tree Stump A Case Of  Arrington Vineyard Red Wine A Painter Working On A Faux Wall A Concrete Brush And Other Shaping Tools Nashville Zoo Spider Monkey Exhibit Viewing Room Construction Worker Staining Concrete Fabricated Rocks Construction Worker In Tool Belt And Suspenders New Westin Hotel Construction Tour Westin Hotel Media Interview A Concrete Fabricated Cliff Of Rock Boulders Arrington Vineyard Wine Bottling Labeling Female Construction Worker Grouting Shower Tile Concrete Worker Troweling Concrete Westin Hotel Construction Media Tour Portrait Of Two Male Construction Workers Hotel Construction Crew Morning Meeting Rectangular Concrete Texturing Brush Tools Cheesemaker Waxing A Cheese Block Two Female Construction Workers Wine Bottle Filling Machine Wiring Tech With Plans Green Wine Bottles Lined Up On A Bottling Machine Construction Worker Measuring Vinyl Flooring Concrete Worker Mixing Concrete Two Workers Blowing And Forming Concrete Construction Worker Measuring Wall Construction Workers With Blueprints Farmer Amy Delvin In a Greenhouse At Delvin Farms